What we do

May it be for hostels, landscapes or famous landmarks, we capture it all. More precisely, we create 360 videos, 360 photos, 360 virtual tours and other custom experiences using professional grade equipment. In this quick post, we would like to showcase some projects we realized while touring Europe.

Rooster Hostel in Veliko Tarnovo

What use for hostels?

Virtual Reality makes it easy for hostels to accurately showcase their premises. VR is a fast growing technology that will soon be used in every hostel search engine. Hostels that will have VR content will soon have an edge on sites like HostelWorld, Airbnb and Booking.


In the meantime, VR is used by hostels to promote themselves on social media or on their own website. VR videos and photos can already be hosted on your own Facebook page and YouTube Channel. We can also embed the elements into your own website to create a better user experience for future guests.

Below is an example of a video we just created for 360 Monte, Kotor’s #1 travel agency. The agency will use VR headsets to better promote their tours in and out of the agency, convincing people to try the real thing.

360 Monte - Great Montenegro Tour

We also create virtual tours. We can take pictures of the hostel and create an immersive tour on Google Maps and Google Street View. Future and past guests will therefore be able to view and share the memorable environment you host them in.

Sir Toby's Hostel in Prague

The ultimate viewing experience is with a VR headset. We have created several videos in the past months that will be used by hostels and travel agencies across Europe to promote their services by using a virtual reality headset.

Other examples

Tiki Tiki Beach Hostel in Thailand

Wombats Hostel in London

Palmizana Bay in Croatia