Prague, at the heart or Europe

This is the 4th post about our Europe in 360° project. To get a better understanding of this adventure, we recommend you read the introductory article.

Founded in the 7th century, Prague has become a very popular touristic destination and we didn’t need much time to find out why. The city is well known for its historic background and its well preserved architecture like the Charles’ Bridge. The old structure has allowed the crossing of the Vltava River for more than 600 years. An aerial 360° shot gives you an overview of the bridge and the surroundings of the river.

A short clip puts you on both sides of the famous bridge, first on the river’s bank and then in the city where you will mostly see the main tower of Charles’ Bridge. At the end of the video you will visit a central square getting ready for a spring festival. Although not shown below, Prague is home to the oldest astronomical clock still in use.

Despite the chilly weather, we spent a day exploring the hill where the Prague Castle stands. Nearby is also the impressive St Vitus Cathedral that you can see in the 360° photograph below.

Still on the hill, we had the opportunity to perform an other drone flight and snap an aerial 360° shot of a bird’s-eye view of Prague. At the summit of the highest hill is the Petrin Tower inspired directly from the Eiffel Tower.

Our visit in Prague was very enjoyable and same goes for the cozy hostel we stayed in. It is well located and we highly recommend it if you plan on visiting Prague looking for a young atmosphere. A quick virtual tour of the common areas might help convincing you.