Imperial Week in Vienna

This is the 2nd post about our Europe in 360° project. To get a better understanding of this adventure, we recommend you read the introductory article.

Although we were sad to leave London after such a wonderful stay, we were curious and excited about discovering a new city: Vienna.

Known for its musical influence and its imperial palaces, the Austrian capital was impressive from beginning to end. As soon as we entered the Old Town, we came face to face with the imposing Vienna Opera, which is one of the most prestigious operas in the world. We found it appropriate to immortalize the scene in 360 degrees.

The center of the Old Town can be visited very well on foot. Some streets are even exclusively for pedestrians, which makes the walk much more enjoyable. It is therefore possible to see the Vienna Opera, the Mozarthaus, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and much more in one afternoon.

The Hofburg is a definite must-see in Vienna. Famous for having been the residence of most of the Austrian leaders, it was also the winter residence of the imperial family. Home to the Sissi Museum and the imperial apartments, the Hofburg is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Austria.

A short walk from the Hofburg Palace is a large public square called Maria-Theresien-Platz. Named after the famous empress, the Maria-Theresien-Platz is home to two almost identical buildings. As shown in the photo below, the Museum of Art History can be seen on the left while the Museum of Natural History can be seen on the right. The center of the place is occupied by a statue of former Empress Maria Theresa.

It is quite pleasant to visit a city on foot but a faster means of transportation can be greatly appreciated. Vienna has a city bike system that allows people to use the bicyles completely free of charge. After creating an account for 1 euro, we could cycle up to one hour at a time without paying a dime. We then had to wait 15 minutes before being able to reuse the bikes for free. That’s how we got to the Belvedere.

Although the Belvedere was impressive, we have to say we had a strong preference for the Schönbrunn Palace. Unlike the Hofburg, this palace was the summer residence of the Austrian imperial family. Very imposing, this palace has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996.

We spent a wonderful week in Vienna. Virtual reality will allow us to revisit our favorite places in Vienna for years to come. Next stop: Bratislava.