Immersion 360 in Europe

It is with great enthusiasm that we share with you a very important project we are accomplishing this year: shooting and filming the most popular sights and landmarks in Europe. The idea came to us after several requests for content that we did not have, or even worse, that did not exist. Despite the impressive workload and organization required to complete this project, the travellers in us are delighted to undertake this task and go on this adventure.

With the objective of immortalizing the unique attractions of 30 cities in 20 European countries, we are thrilled to undertake this feat, all in less than 6 months. A major challenge of capturing 360° content is to find interesting scenes from all angles and it might be harder than you think! Another major difficulty we face is the weather, a wild card that has a significant impact on the final result. We plan on staying 7 days in the cities we feel have the most to offer, to find the best sights and to ensure the best weather conditions.

Edit (March 19th 2018, Prague):  A bit cloudy and the scenes really suffer. A bit too cold and outside kiosks are closed and street artists are home. Perfect weather and the public places are absolutely crowded, making it very hard to get good shots. Rain? Impossible to bring the camera outside. We really are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

We will update this list as we go.

  • England: London
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Slovakia: Bratislava
  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Poland: Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław
  • Romania: Bucharest
  • Bulgaria: Veliko Tarnovo, Varna
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • France: Paris
  • Italy: Rome, Venice

Future destinations will be added shortly.

Edit (April 2nd 2018, Bucharest): Besides the hours of footage and the gigapixels of photos, this project is incredibly fulfilling on a personal level. Be they good or bad, surprises and other discoveries are part of our journey and happen on a daily basis.

Through this blog, we will attempt to offer you immersive and accessible experiences so you can discover many of the cities we are visiting and follow us on our trip across Europe. We would like to thank all our collaborators, Jules-Alexandre and James in particular, who ensure the continuation of our activities in Quebec.